The World's Most Iconic Race Track


As proud sponsors of the Mahindra Racing Formula E team, we thought what better way to mark the first Formula E electric race to take place in Europe by mapping the iconic Monaco circuit using our Avis Driving Ratio(ADR) to better understand the challenge and intensity of this race track and the performance of the Mahindra Racing electric race car. Scoring a 1.9 the circuit presents a difficult drive with only 1.9 seconds spent driving along the straights for each second spent cornering. The track features 12 tight turns and only one straight long enough to give drivers the opportunity to reach top speeds of 140mph (225kph).

"It's the cornering ability of the Mahindra Formula E car that is really highlighted by applying the Avis Driving Ratio," explained quantum physicist Dr Mark Hadley. "It's no surprise that a race car has greater acceleration than a sports car, however it's the performance of the car round bends that is really impressive. You can expect the Mahindra drivers to be taking those turns at twice the speed you could achieve in a top of the range sports car."

Whilst only a handful of top racing drivers ever get to experience the thrill of driving the Monaco race circuit, the Avis Driving Ratio reveals that anyone looking for a driving experience that matches the intensity and challenge this race track offers need only take the two and a half hour drive along the cost to the exclusive resort of Portofino in Italy. The spectacular 13km drive across the peninsula from Portofino Vetta to the exclusive coastal town of Portofino not only equals Monaco for glamour and expensive yachts, it matches the intensity of the Monaco race track exactly, scoring an ADR of 1.9 and making it one of the world's most exhilarating drives.

About Formula E

Formula E is the first fully-electric racing series in the world and fully affiliated by the FIA. The first season started on 13th September 2014 in Beijing, China taking in 10 of the World’s best cities and finishes in London, England on 27th June 2015. Races take place on city-centre circuits with a total of 10 teams, each with two drivers.